NCM Investment’s success story and expansion through the years.

With its strategic expansion and constantly improving quality of service, NCM Investment has built a reputation as the most trusted Investment Broker in the region. Since its inception in 2009, it has focused on being transparent and trustworthy while offering its clients various investment services and products, leading to its unique positioning in the market more than a decade later.

NCM Investment has expanded its roots throughout this journey by opening subsidiaries in UAE, Jordan, Turkey, and more. These subsidiaries witnessed great success from the moment of establishment through the guidance of CEO Khurram Sayeed and his team of professionals, which got NCM Investment and its group over 20 awards in total from Expos filled with competitors in our field. Awards like the “Best Regulated Broker in the GCC 2021”, Best Certified Broker in GCC 2020” and more were received by NCM Investment on their course of becoming the most trusted broker of the region.

NCM Investment through its subsidiary NoorCM Academy focuses on educating its current and potential clients on the risks and provide awareness and educational information about trading in the international markets, ensuring their readiness and understanding of its volatility. After realizing the need you will be investing in, they introduce various products with competitive prices. NCM Investment’s team also provides consistent support throughout the opening hours of the financial market. This support extends from the customer service department, where questions regarding your trading experience, upcoming news, contract expiration, and general support are met with the highest level of professionalism. NCM Investment also offers the same support regarding the operation department, where deposits and withdrawals are executed within the market open hours per the customer’s request at competitive speeds.

NCM Investment focuses on offering a premium service to the public and the right tools and knowledge needed to be aware of the risks associated in the international markets through its subsidiary NoorCM Academy. NoorCM primary activity is to offer webinars, seminars, and discussions to traders at all levels, exposing them to information prepared by professionals and experienced trainers. NoorCM Academy diversified its trainers to cover as many as 5+ languages, creating an opportunity for whoever is interested in the world of online trading.

Through its good reputation and connections in Kuwait, NCM Investment focuses on giving back to the community by multiple acts of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) focused on providing aid at the highest degree to those that need it and more. One of the CSR’s NCM Investment is so passionate about Blood Donation Drives, where we were the main sponsors of two significant events within a year. Other CSR events were made to bring the company closer to the community by participating in major sports events in many different sports like Cricket, Bowling, Football, and more.

Alongside the excellent reputation that NCM Investment has built among the business community in Kuwait, it also focus on giving back to the community by organized CSR’s (Corporate Social Responsibilities) focused on providing aid at the highest degree to those in need of it and more. This participation led to the NCM Investment cricket team winning multiple National trophies in Cricket through the team’s fantastic performance, bringing the community closer to us through Sports Entertainment and involvement. NCM Investment focuses on providing a reliable brokerage to the international markets and all the means necessary to be a confident and comfortable trader, from training to being part of a premium community of investors.

As a leading professional services provider, NCM Investment achieved its targets. This is the twelfth consecutive year of revenue growth and has strengthened its position as one of the regional industry leaders. Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia is one of the priority markets for the NCM Investment organization. NCM has always paid close attention to the economic development of the Far East Asia region and will start offering professional services to many retail customers in this region. NCM is establishing an office in Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia, in response to the growing demand in this particular region.