Nextbrain Tech constructs new IoT Solutions

Presently IoT technology is rapidly growing and is primarily used in Industries. There are more than 10 billion IoT-enabled devices in 2021, and IoT is also slowly rolling out solutions for non-industrial users. It is already set to achieve significantly in the industrial sector, with services like smart city, intelligent traffic monitoring, and smart parking being planned. Individuals also benefit from this technology, as the possibility of smart homes and intelligent hardware control becomes reality through IoT apps that operate in low network bandwidths.

Nextbrain Technologies helps build new IoT solutions that take advantage of recent advancements in this technology. We provide functional design by integrating time-tested app development practices with UX and UI design. It has affirmed to have in-house UX designers that design every aspect of the customer experience with our IoT solutions. States to design both consumer and industrial IoT solutions and specialize in mobile apps that have IoT capabilities. With over 5.2 billion smartphone users we can easily see why IoT application development is in a boom.

Security is the biggest concern in IoT devices as of now, and one should always invest in a good mobile app development company if they are making apps to ensure this issue is looked at carefully. A capable app development company will ensure the physical security of all hardware devices apart from security at the software level. We at Nextbrain Focus on abstraction layers that are capable of handling multiple requirements of the service, and we only use trusted microcontrollers, frameworks, and platforms for developing our IoT apps.



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