Nipa Cloud elects Juniper Network services for Thailand’s Enterprise Digital Transformation

Juniper Networks, a leader in secured, AI-driven networks, recently announced that they have been selected by Nipa Cloud, a leading Cloud Service Provider in Thailand, to strengthen its existing network infrastructure in support of Nipa’s growth momentum, and in anticipation of further growing demand for endpoint flexibility amidst Thailand’s swift transforming digital economy.

Nipa is Thailand’s first full-service OpenStack public cloud services provider powered by Tungsten Fabric and is committed to offering technologically advanced cloud solutions matching up competitively to the solutions from global providers while simultaneously creating unique value add for the localized market through greater flexibility, multiple availability zones (AZ), modularity and local understanding as a homegrown provider.

Nipa Cloud claims that their ‘glocalized’ approach which is their award-winning cloud solutions have rapidly gained market share amidst stiff competition, especially as Thailand’s economy builds out a strong IT infrastructure to support sustained growth into the digital era as per the government’s ‘Thailand 4.0’ policies and its fourth industrial revolution.

Dr. Abhisak Chulya, Founder and CEO, Nipa Cloud stated: “Thailand is amid a massive digital transformation, with consumers and enterprises alike accelerating their transition to the cloud. As our nation drives toward Thailand 4.0, it is key that infrastructure providers like Nipa Cloud adapt and transform to stay ahead of the pack. Through our partnership with Juniper Networks, we can introduce new infrastructure-as-a-service capabilities with multiple locations and lower the cost of the cloud. This will offer our customers and partners access to agile, cost-effective, and secure services that will help drive sustainable growth in Thailand’s digital economy.”

Perry Sui, Senior Director, ASEAN & Taiwan, Juniper Networks stated: “We are delighted to partner with Nipa Cloud to support their vision toward enabling Thailand 4.0 through the digital transformation of the country’s enterprises. Nipa Cloud plays a key role in driving the nation’s technological growth and through Juniper’s experience-first networking approach, we are committed to helping them deliver world-class cloud solutions to its end customers. All of which are crucial in bringing digitally-accelerated post-pandemic recovery and in ensuring Thailand’s continued economic growth.” 

Nipa also announced that In light of its strong growth momentum and this increasing demand for cloud services across Thailand’s enterprises, it has deployed EVPN-VXLAN solutions from Juniper Networks, including the QFX5120 Series Switches and MX10003/MX204 Series Universal Routing Platforms, to upgrade its campus and data center networks and better differentiate its offerings.



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