Nium Singaporean FinTech Platform makes it presence in Middle East


The FinTech start-up that operates in excess of over hundred nations, since its inception since 2014, founded initially as InstaRem, has ceased five funding rounds totalling in excess of more than $59.5 Million.

As per the statement released preceding year, the firm that was initially founded as InstaRem during 2014 will cater the Banking arena, financial institutions as well as the larger enterprises within the territory. Ayoub Jemail has been appointed as the firm’s new general manager for the initial business expansion within the territory.

Ayoub Jemail was quick to quote that “As Nium has been the pioneer and at the lead for the FinTech Innovation and uniqueness, he’s pretty much confident on their capabilities that will pull out as well provide the best unique value to their clients.” Mr. Jemail was earlier, the territory vice president at Transpay, that was acquired by Mastercard the previous year.

Mr. Jemail further added that “with the FinTech Market Expansion slated to reach a staggering value of $2.5 Billion across the wider MENA territory with the launch of 5G later this year, he has a firm trust that there is a huge room for the expansion for what the Financial technology can do for this territory. He also adds that he wishes to come forward to support the firms towards driving them for achievement of better cost related savings as well as creating better efficiencies.”

The best part is that the Singaporean-based FinTech firm Nium, offering the cross-border payments, has finally made its presence in Middle Eastern territory.

The firm Nium, operating in excess of more than hundred nations and still expanding the territory as usual, have already finished five funding rounds till date, raising a total worth of $59.5 Million, since their inception during 2014 and in the previous rounds, was led by Visa and BRI ventures, that was ceased during May this year.

Prajit Nanu, co-founder and chief executive, stated that “Mr Jemail brings a wealth of experience within the FinTech industry in conformity with Nium, having worked with teams globally.”

“His in-depth want expertise, as well as like track report regarding managing sales or administration multi-market world groups among the industry, are precious assets,” Mr Nanu added.

The UAE is leading the adoption. Two-thirds of the people anticipate the nation in conformity to emerge as purely cashless within 2030, in accordance in imitation of a current poll by way of Standard Chartered.

A McKinsey survey regarding UAE clients additionally discovered customers are 10 percent more likely in accordance with optimal utilization of a credit card or a digital wallet, along 20 percent declaring that are less probable in conformity with use money while making a payment.

Although the COVID-19 Pandemic has been no doubt, the most turbulent phase and even more dangerous than the great economic depression, it has encouraged the blossoming up of digital FinTech Payments business which is on the forefront of witnessing huge expansion, and as well as providing a lot encouragement for better businesses for deployment of better technologies. As according to Statista, globally, the digital payments arena is slated to expand at $8.26 trillion within 2024 from the $4.4 trillion garnered this year.