OpenLegacy Appoints Asif Muhammad as Chief Marketing Officer

OpenLegacy, which transforms monolithic mainframe systems into cloud-native building blocks of innovation, announced hyper-growth marketer Asif Muhammad as their new Chief Marketing Officer.

Asif brings with him two decades of technology marketing experience. This includes marketing leadership roles with the world-class brands Microsoft, IBM, and NetApp, as well as with hyper-growth startups, most recently UiPath. He boasts a number of graduate and postgraduate degrees in marketing and business administration.

Asif’s proven track record of success will help OpenLegacy build brand recognition, continue its exponential growth in customer adoption, and attract top talent to further advance its customer benefits. OpenLegacy partners also stand to benefit from Asif’s strong network of colleagues and like-minded professionals who will help forge new connections and strengthen existing ones to support a growing marketplace of global customers. A burgeoning movement of executives leaving traditional global companies for the more disruptive, innovation-driven tech space points to a newfound awareness of the steps large companies must take to stay competitive in today’s fintech/insurtech market.

“Modern marketing is about elevating the business and connecting with customers by delivering a distinct, valued, and consistent experience,” explains Asif. “This requires a business mindset and broad commercial experience that fuses together essential elements, brings ideas to life, and delivers impact. OpenLegacy shares my business mindset and is poised for exponential growth at the leading edge of digital transformation. In joining this growing team providing dynamic solutions like OL Hub, I help support the company’s continued growth in global markets,” Asif states.

OpenLegacy’s data-driven OpenLegacy (OL) Hub modernization platform empowers businesses to efficiently build new digital services reusing monolithic core legacy assets. Enterprises ranging from banks to insurance providers quickly generate business-level APIs with the ease of a cloud-native app for deployment across any digital platform.

“Asif has a successful track record of building, launching, and scaling multimillion-dollar products and solutions on a global scale,” enthuses OpenLegacy CEO Romi Stein. “We will leverage his strengths growing market positions in hyper-competitive markets to help elevate OpenLegacy’s standing in the global banking and insurance industries.” Stein concludes, “Asif’s deep experience creating best-in-class teams and helping them embrace and thrive with change will be instrumental in taking us to the next level on the world stage.”