PPRO acquisition of Alpha Fintech to disrupt payments Industry


PPRO, a leading global provider of digital payments infrastructure recently announced the acquisition of Alpha Fintech, a next-generation payments technology company. Via this acquisition, PPRO will expand its product range, empowering its presence and network presence in the Asia Pacific region, and will deliver products and services to customers in a more expeditious manner.

Alpha Fintech’s cloud platform empowers seamless integration of digital payment products and services, covering everything from payment processing and merchant management to risk management, fraud prevention, and data analytics.

Alpha Fintech which has been focused on the APAC market, has played out a pivotal role in accelerating the growth of banks, fintech, and payment service providers, with clients including Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) and Southeast Asian super application company Grab.

By incorporating the Alpha platform into its infrastructure, PPRO is now preparing to roll out a plug-and-play orchestration layer to help customers integrate products and services at scale in a faster manner. With this product, customers will be expected to achieve a more global payment process, and gain third-party application integration capabilities, stronger compliance and risk resistance capabilities, and deeper data insights.

PPRO also claimed to welcome 90 payment technologists from Alpha to its team, mainly based in Australia and Argentina, with some based in the US and Singapore. Their inclusion will expand PPRO’s regional network and reach and will help the company achieve its corporate mission of becoming a global payments giant.

Simon Black, CEO of PPRO

Commenting regarding the acquisition, Simon Black, CEO of PPRO, stated: “The acquisition of Alpha Fintech will strengthen PPRO as a global leader in payments technology and a trusted partner for payment service providers, businesses, banks, and fintech status.”

He also added: “The global payments industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Together with Alpha, we will provide institutions with the core infrastructure needed to build and scale payment platforms.”

Oliver Rajic, CEO of Alpha Fintech

Oliver Rajic, CEO of Alpha Fintech, also looked forward to the transaction, saying: “We want to drive change and the popularization of technology in the payments industry. Given PPRO’s outstanding influence, reputation, and position around the world, it will be The perfect partner to help us achieve this. We are very excited to work with Simon and his team to develop an end-to-end turnkey solution covering every aspect of the digital payments space.”

The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022. Among them, Financial Technology Partners (FT Partners) and Noerr Law Firm (Noerr) acted as financial and legal advisors to PPRO, respectively. Morrison & Foerster acted as legal counsel to Alpha Fintech.



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