RADIOTECH Introduces New 5G Solutions For Marine and Aviation Sectors

RADIOTECH Announces Launch of First Stabilized Solution for 5G Internet.
Working onboard, Netflix, everything just becomes easier thanks to 5G Sniper.

Radiotech today announced the launch of 5G Sniper, a complete system created around a 5G/LTE HIGH GAIN, STABILIZED, DIRECTIVE Antenna, Wi-Fi router and embedded SIM with up to 1TB/month of Internet. Through a constantly updated algorithm called CELLCHOICE™, 5G Sniper selects and tracks 5G/LTE cells ashore, managing land networks and broadcasting a safe and fast Wi-Fi Internet around the boat.

Radiotech has been developing stabilized satellite antennas since the 90s, gaining cutting-edge insight on tracking platforms and software, radiofrequency and onboard networks, which have contributed to the creation of this innovative 5G/LTE solution. “5G/LTE networks have become so powerful over the years, while the performance in satellite communications has been disappointing: Internet speed over satellite remains slow and expensive”, says Edoardo Zarghetta, Communication Advisor at Radiotech.

“This is a complete solution” RADIOTECH continues to improve its services with products designed to make Internet enjoyable and abundant onboard, both for guests and crews,” said Federico Zarghetta, Chief Executive Officer at RADIOTECH.

“This 5G/LTE innovation comes with Amplified, high-gaining antenna with a diameter 46cm and a of height 47cm, containing all electronics: mono-axial tracking platform,BLDC/Stepper motor, 5G-LTE (4G)-3G-2G Modem, Monaco Telecom 5G SIM Card, Wi-Fi router, firewall and a single Ethernet cable connection and power supply (110-220 AC / 12-36 DC)”.
RADIOTECH continues to listen to the needs of captains, owners and ETOs, ” You can Buy the system or lease it for 24 months with the Internet included. It’s complete, active, ready to add speed and data load to the boat straight away.” 5G growth in maritime communication is unstoppable, as more 5G cells are deployed on coastal locations, service the adjacent seawaters. Thanks to 5G Sniper the coverage of such 5G antennas can be extended to up to 30 nautical miles in optimal weather and installation conditions.

A larger version 5G SNIPER (the range counts 3 models) has been successfully installed on a ferry serving Sardinia from ports in mainland Italy, where connected to the onboard network and billing system has helped the ferry operator to offer seamless connection to their favorite apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Tik Tok, YouTube, FaceTime, Zoom, Netflix and Spotify during the entire cruise.

5G SNIPER performance as per 2021 trial installations on yacht installations has been recorded as follows:
– 5G with max modem Throughput of 400 Mbps.
– Tracking cells up to 30 nautical miles away in optimal weather and installation conditions.



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