Redkey develops a “Smart, Touch Screen, Vacuum Robot”

Redkey R20 robot vacuum cleaner (Photo Business Wire)

Vacuum robots are becoming more and more powerful to achieve efficient cleaning, but there are still many problems that plague consumers, such as cumbersome APP networking operations, long pairing time, frequent disconnection after successful pairing, need to open the APP every time, and the elderly people who do not use smartphones cannot enjoy all smart functions through the APP and so on.

In order to solve the above problems, cleaning appliance brand Redkey has developed probably the world’s first high-definition HD intelligent touch screen full-function sweeping and mopping robot R20. The machine is embedded in the base station 10.1 inch screen, does not rely on the APP, but also can achieve all the functions.

R20 smart screen allows users to leave the APP, and realize all functions on the screen, including scheduled cleaning, map editing, suction adjustment, virtual wall setting, mode switching, self-cleaning, mop washing and other personalized needs.

It is easier and faster to pair the smart screen with the host. After the smart screen is connected to WIFI, it only takes 3s to automatically connect. Even without a smartphone, the elderly can easily use it. It is worth mentioning that the machine also supports APP control, just scan the QR code on the screen to quickly connect.

R20 has great cleaning power. Not only has 4000Pa large suction power, but also uses rotary mopping mode to wipe the floor, which has good cleaning effect. At the same time, it supports automatic backwashing, mopping lifting, self-collecting dust, automatic drying, electrolytic water sterilization and other functions. The machine is also equipped with excellent LDS laser navigation technology and obstacle avoidance technology, which can clean comprehensively without damaging furniture.


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