Rossell Techsys-Knight Aerospace Alliance for offering latest solutions


Knight Aerospace and Rossell Techsys have partnered to offer fast roll-on/roll-off palletized loading and unloading solutions for cargo aircraft conversions, including the New Generation Air Transportable Kitchen/Lavatory (NG-ATGL), modular aeromedical/VIP solutions, patient transport equipment, and ground support equipment for the Indian aerospace market.

Rossell Techsys and Knight Aerospace Form a Partnership to Deliver New Solutions

According to official sources of both firms, the cargo conversion systems consist of VIP/economy seats, biomedical containment modules, air patient transport, air critical care, and various additional systems. The NG-ATGL consists of a full-service galley and lavatories on a custom pallet.

Ms. Bianca Rhodes, President of Knight Aerospace stated: “Knight Aerospace’s NG-ATGL, palletized seating systems, and aeromedical modules are practical and cost-effective means of transforming cargo aircraft’s mission. These solutions represent the most technologically advanced and transportable cargo conversion capabilities available today around the world. With Rossell Techsys as our trusted partner, we can now make all these solutions available and deliver mission-critical capabilities in India.”

Mr. Prabhat Kumar Bhagvandas, CEO of Rossell Techsys stated: “We are happy to partner with Knight Aerospace and bring the best technologies and solutions to the Indian aerospace market. The range of products provided by Knight Aerospace complements our aftermarket services business, where Rossell offers local customization, accessory support, installation, commissioning, training, end-of-life maintenance support, and being the single point of contact for customers based in India.”

Knight Aerospace further added that they are a minority and women-owned small business based in San Antonio, Texas , United States. It is the global leading provider of design and manufacture of modular aeromedical and VIP fast loading/unloading/roll on roll off solutions, palletized seating systems, specialized palletized galley and lavatory systems, and ground support equipment (GSE) for aircraft. load.

Rossell Techsys added that the firm is the Defense and Aerospace Division of Rossell India Limited, a publicly listed company. Rossell Techsys offers custom engineering and manufacturing services in electrical wiring and interconnects systems, electronic systems, and system integration, test equipment, and aftermarket product support services.



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