Sky Mavis partners Google Cloud and Searce expanding portfolio in Southeast Asia


Searce, one of the global leaders in cloud consulting, recently announced their selection as the implementation partner for the Sky Mavis, a creator of a category-defining non-fungible token (NFT) – Axie Infinity and Google Cloud partnership. By strengthening the blockchain network’s security infrastructure, Ronin, this collaboration would accelerate Sky Mavis’s growth in Southeast Asia to establish an
interrelated, immersive and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

With Southeast Asia being poised as the epicentre of Web3 and blockchain adoption, Axie Infinity garnered more than 2.9 million monthly users within the region at its peak. The younger demographic within the region could have been the contributing factor to the growth of Web3 and blockchain adoption due to their greater receptiveness to experience innovative products, technologies and services. This phenomenon is especially favourable for companies offering consumer-facing services such as Sky Mavis, which provides consumers
with an opportunity to translate time and effort invested within the virtual world into real-world value.

Furthermore, with Southeast Asia consisting mainly of developing countries, the service offered by Sky Mavis attracts individuals who are actively looking for opportunities to increase their wealth. As such, this partnership involving Searce, Google Cloud and Sky Mavis to further their growth in the region couldn’t be timelier.

Google Cloud and Searce safeguarding the Play-and-Earn concept Launched by Sky Mavis in February 2021, the Ronin network was built with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) for a seamless transaction that is fast and cost-effective on Sky Mavis’s blockchain game – Axie infinity.

With the Ronin network operating on a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) mode, Sky Mavis welcomes collaborations and partnerships where they plan to partner with 21 independent validators who would authorise and validate blocks to ensure accurate transactions on the network.

The partnership with Google Cloud and Searce would mark Sky Mavis’s 18th partnership with an independent validator. Together with Google Cloud’s scalable, secure and sustainable infrastructure and low latency network, and Searce’s expertise in implementing and modernising the infrastructure and the various solutions provided by Google Cloud, the common goal is to help Sky Mavis achieve its aim of establishing Ronin as a priority choice of NFT scaling solution for gaming and the play-and-earn concept that provides opportunities for
its user to convert their time and effort invested in the game into real-world value.

“At Searce, we believe in the power of collaborations and partnerships within the ecosystem. We are excited to be a part of Sky Mavis’s journey in scaling their growth in Southeast Asia and look forward to enabling them to foster a secure, immersive and rewarding gaming ecosystem,” commented Yash Thakker, Director of Cloud Consulting at Searce.

Establishing a more viable working model to increase Sky Mavis’s scalability As Sky Mavis continues to work towards their goal, the company plans to hire more than 100 individuals over the span of the next 18 months. The increase in individuals joining the workforce would highlight the importance of Sky Mavis establishing a more efficient working model. An efficient working model would drive working collaborations, connections, and innovations amongst employees who are dispersed around the world which is especially crucial to saving the time and effort of its employees to ensure high working productivity.

The adoption of the Google Cloud solution, Google Workspace, would help Sky Mavis with the effective and efficient integration of a highly secured integrated single workspace – consisting of Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.

Additionally, with hundreds of regular development updates by Sky Mavis, the need for real-time synchronisation of game states during multiplayer mode and the pairing of players with complementary skill sets, Sky Mavis seeks a solution that automates the application deployment process and game server coordination. Hence, the adoption of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) reduces the effort and time spent on mundane work for its engineers to focus on developing and improving more gaming features.

As experts In an ever-changing industry, Searce’s relentless eagerness to remain consistent in keeping up with Google Cloud’s updated technologies would better position them to help Sky Mavis with the adoption of Google Cloud. With a personalised approach to helping clients such as Sky Mavis, Searce will be providing 24/7 support, managed services and application engineering services to help Sky Mavis maximise the adoption of the cloud solution

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