enters into a partnership with Tongo

68 Partners with Tongo Partners with Tongo, the leading online real estate marketplace and educational resource provider and Tongo, an agile, access-to-cash platform are partnering to deliver’s partner real estate agents market leading services. is integrating Tongo into its agent experience, empowering agents to access their commissions earlier. Agents no longer need to wait for their pending transactions to close before and can tap into a commission-backed line of credit.

To add additional value to the partnership, Tongo is offering special pricing and conditions to’s agent network. agents’ first deal with Tongo is free (0% financing). and Tongo

“In any business, it takes capital to grow, and that’s especially true in real estate,” commented Brandon Wright, Co-founder and CEO of Tongo. “But realtors are really stuck between bad options when it comes to accessing capital. Lending is built for salaried earners, and advances are frustrating and expensive. Tongo is the best of both worlds. It acts like a traditional line of credit since it’s private and can be accessed as many times as needed, but payments are not due monthly – they’re due when agents close deals. Tongo works the way agents do.”

All transaction fees with Tongo are tax-deductible. In addition to flexibility and instant access to funds, they offer discretion and privacy. All transactions are exclusively between agents and Tongo.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tongo,” said Matt Woods, Co-Founder and CEO of “Tongo will be an immensely impactful resource to our 50,000 agent partners. Those who need accelerated access to liquidity can leverage Tongo to gain more flexibility and peace of mind with how they conduct their business. This synergy will further’s position as the destination for agents to not just generate new business, but to also assist in improving their overall business efficiency.”


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