SPARC Research acquires Design Integrated Technology (DIT)

Sparc Research is excited to announce the acquisition of Design Integrated Technology, a leading manufacturer of High Viscosity Industrial Mixers & Propellant Testing Equipment. Sparc Research is, an aerospace propulsion firm located in Warrenton Virginia wherein Design Integrated Technology is also located in Warrenton Virginia.

DIT was formed in October 1988 for designing and manufacturing Helicone Mixers, Pressure Vessels, and Solid Propellant testing equipment. The Helicone mixer line has been in production for over 55 years as well as lends itself to a variety of applications utilized in numerous industries globally comprising of the propellants and bio-absorbable polymers used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Patrick Hewitt, CEO of SPARC Research stated: “DIT represents an opportunity for SPARC Research to expand into the manufacturing and commercial sector, including establishing a substantial presence in the international marketplace.”

He also added: “The DIT acquisition fits nicely with our ongoing facility construction project at Vint Hill, Virginia, which allocates a large portion of the floor space to manufacturing.”

Stephen Andrews, DIT President stated: “We have had close relationships with many SPARC Research personnel for decades and it is nice to see us come together under one roof.”


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