Stackin’ Unveils Financial Wellness App


US based Stackin, a financial wellness company has launched an app for both iOS and Android devices. The new app allows users to take a psychometric assessment to uncover their underlying money beliefs, then provides therapy-based exercises and coaching to help them better understand and improve their relationship with money.

“We all suffer from anxiety and negative feelings around money. These are powerful emotions that hold us back from achieving our goals and fulfilling our ambitions. But now research is showing that we’ve reached a breaking point—for the first time, the majority of millennials and Gen Z are constantly stressed about money or have money anxiety. This isn’t a financial crisis, it’s a health crisis,” shares Tom Brammar, CEO of Stackin’.

The new app helps to bring down financial related anxiety. Source

“During our discovery phase, we learned that the issue isn’t just about lack of money. Even high earners struggle to manage their money—one in three people earning over USD250,000 a year feel like they’re living paycheck to paycheck—and the seemingly quick fix of a budget doesn’t stick. If you’ve ever failed to make a budget or achieve a savings goal, then we built Stackin’ for you,” says Brammar.

Rather than focusing on budget building and tracking, Stackin’ helps users build healthy financial behaviors so they can take control of their money and achieve their goals. Stackin’ enables users to understand the relationship between their spending and their emotions, set and achieve goals, track how they feel, and access coaching.