Synpulse Announces Partnership With F10

Global management consultancy, Synpulse recently announced its partnership with FinTech incubator F10. Synpulse will invest  the equivalent of 1% of its annual revenue into the startup accelerator F10, as part of the funding round in the mid-single-digit million range announced by F10.    

Synpulse and F10 are well aligned, with a focus on financial services and startups. This provides a natural opportunity for the two companies to identify the most promising startups and support them in fuelling rapid growth. In addition, it provides Synpulse the chance to pinpoint the new services that could become relevant to its customers – a win-win for more established brands and innovative challengers alike.  Raphael Bianchi, Synpulse Switzerland CEO, joined the F10 Board to directly contribute to the strategic direction and innovation of the growing Fintech ecosystem.  

In addition to providing management consultancy to banking and insurance brands, Synpulse offers end-to-end technology solutions through its tech powerhouse, Synpulse8. This puts it in a unique position to support clients across their entire value chain. 

The funds are intended to allow F10 to grow both into new geographies, as well as in its current hubs in Europe and Asia. F10 corporate partners will benefit directly through early access to startups selected across all global programs and exposure to a growing global network of partners, startups, and investors, as well as increased deal flow and collaboration support.  

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