RaySearch and C-RAD sign collaboration agreement

RaySearch and C-RAD sign collaboration agreement

RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) and C-RAD recently announced a collaboration agreement, aiming at jointly developing innovative solutions and products to enhance the quality of radiation therapy. The focus of the collaboration is to investigate how the C-RAD surface scanning technologies can be utilized during treatment planning in RaySearch’s treatment planning system RayStation®*. Today, the surfaces […]

Orion Group announces partnership with leading HVAC service providers

Orion Group Partners with Leading HVAC Service Providers, The Tustin Group and Aireko Services & Installations

Orion Group, a commercial facility services business, announced recently that it has partnered with The Tustin Group and Aireko Services & Installations. Tustin is a leading HVAC business with building automation service branches throughout the Northeast. ASI is a HVAC service provider with mechanical and electrical capabilities based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Orion is […]

Applying VR-Delivered Learning to the Energy Decommissioning Sector

The value of using virtual reality in learning how to decommission energy installations – notably in the oil and gas industry – efficiently, effectively and above all, safely, is being further emphasised in a presentation on 20th May to delegates at Decom Week 2021. The event, which runs from 17th to 21st May, is organised by Decom North Sea, […]