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Do you know which is the top-selling car in the world? Which is the top-selling two-wheeler in the world? Only a few might get the right answer. However, many will have an obvious common answer to the following questions – Which is the fastest production car in the world? Which is the costliest car in […]

Al-Futtaim Toyota unveiled the brand-new seven-seater Toyota Veloz

Building on the promise of bringing cars that deliver value and the joy of driving to all, Al-Futtaim Toyota has announced the launch of the all-new Toyota Veloz, a seven-seater family SUV. The spacious vehicle blends sleek design with comfort and functionality, and comes equipped with a host of advanced features that have been developed […]

Hexagon aims autonomous and sustainable manufacturing through investment in Divergent

Hexagon AB, a global leader in digital reality solutions combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, today announced a 100 MUSD investment in Divergent Technologies Inc., a pioneer of green manufacturing technologies with the first modular digital factory for the automotive industry. Divergent has developed an alternative production process to traditional vehicle manufacturing called DAPS® (Divergent Adaptive […]