Syngenta teams up with CropX to provide sustainability solutions

Syngenta Partners with CropX as a Key Sustainability Solution

CropX Technologies, a global leader in digital farm management, and Syngenta, a global leader in seeds and crop protection products, are teaming up to improve the sustainability and yield strength of Syngenta’s seed suppliers in the American Midwest. The CropX agronomic farm management system gathers real-time farm data from multiple sources, such as soil sensors, […]

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Summit 2023 to happen on 19 Sep 2023 at Dubai

Gear up for the ‘Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Summit 2023’ – An empowering platform that equips businesses to unleash the full potential of their data, enabling informed decisions that fuel growth! Join The Business Intelligence and Data Analytics summit to discover how businesses in the UAE can navigate the vast landscape of data, gain […]