Powering Towards Sustainability: Thailand’s Renewable Energy Revolution

Powering Towards Sustainability: Thailand's Renewable Energy Revolution

Thailand’s renewable energy revolution is helping the country move closer to a sustainable future. As the urgent need to move away from fossil fuels becomes more widely acknowledged, Thailand has embraced renewable energy sources like solar and wind power to fulfil its rising energy needs. It used to rely significantly on imported fossil fuels to […]

Oort Energy secures GBP 5M Funding to set-up green hydrogen facility

Oort Energy, a UK-based next-generation hydrogen electrolyser developer, today announced that it has closed its oversubscribed £5M Seed raise led by Energy Revolution Ventures (ERV), an early-stage electrochemistry specialist investor. This funding augments approximately £800k in non-dilutive grants awarded to the company by various UK and EU government bodies. The major Seed round investors include […]

OCBC Bank to invest more than SGD 25 million to reduce its global carbon footprint

OCBC Bank will invest more than SGD 25 million in decarbonisation efforts in Singapore, Malaysia and Greater China. The investments will be used to deploy energy-efficient technology to reduce its carbon emissions, and solar energy systems that will increase renewables in its energy mix for powering operations. The investments will reduce approximately 10,000 tonnes of […]