Syscoin partnership with ZKCross to develops DeFi community

Syscoin, a state of the art base layer protocol that uniquely combines the composability of Ethereum style smart contracts with the Bitcoin Network’s industry leading security, recently announced the integration of cross chain ZK rollups, in partnership with cross chain network ZKCross. ZKCross’ cross-chain ZK rollups combine Layer 2 and multichain rollup methods to create a […]

SMF introduces AI and ML systems in the Defi platform

Smart Finance recently announced its revolutionary decentralized finance (Defi) platform empowered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and groundbreaking mathematics expectations (ME). The SMF token is a secure and cost-effective method to invest and trade on the cryptocurrency market. Smart Finance, which is finalizing its industry-leading technical designs for market release, is positioned as […]

Rubic Launches cross-chain swaps for Ethereum

The current state of trading platforms is complex with restrictions regarding crypto-related features. One of the biggest problems is transferring a large number of assets across different networks through network bridges. Not every asset can be swapped while bridges might have a dozen cryptocurrency pairs to swap between. This is where Rubic comes in, enabling at launch […]