Brightcove forges partnership With Google Ad Manager

Brightcove Partners With Google Ad Manager to Expand Its Ad Monetization Service

Brightcove, the world’s most trusted streaming technology company, yesterday announced it is entering into a strategic partnership with Google Ad Manager to enhance its Ad Monetization service. This collaboration expands Brightcove’s offering by supporting current and future customers that leverage Google Ad Manager’s comprehensive digital advertising sales platform for their digital ad operations. It also positions Brightcove to serve […]

Automotive Brands Channel New Marketing Strategy

Automotive Ads

Do you know which is the top-selling car in the world? Which is the top-selling two-wheeler in the world? Only a few might get the right answer. However, many will have an obvious common answer to the following questions – Which is the fastest production car in the world? Which is the costliest car in […]

WPP partners with NVIDIA to build generative AI enabled content engine for digital advertising

NVIDIA and WPP (NYSE: WPP) yesterday announced they are developing a content engine that harnesses NVIDIA Omniverse™ and AI to enable creative teams to produce high-quality commercial content faster, more efficiently and at scale while staying fully aligned with a client’s brand. The new engine connects an ecosystem of 3D design, manufacturing and creative supply […]