Thriving towards technological transformation in fintech

Thriving towards technological transformation in fintech

Saudi Arabia, a nation known for its rich oil reserves, is also emerging as a hub for innovation and technology in the financial sector. With the rise of fintech, the Kingdom is witnessing a transformation in the way financial services are delivered and consumed. The Saudi Arabia fintech market size is expected to grow from […]

Our Advanced Digital Solutions boosts banks and fintechs: Joseph Chan of AsiaPay

AsiaPay was recently adjudged as ‘Best Digital Payment Partner Hong Kong 2022‘ by World Business Outlook. The following is an exclusive interview with Joseph Chan, CEO of AsiaPay. It’s a pleasure to have you. Tell me a bit about your journey and about heading AsiaPay. As the founder and CEO of AsiaPay Group, Joseph started […]

AsiaPay: Adopting latest technologies in Market-Led Innovation to Become Singapore’s Leading Digital Payment Service Provider

The year 2022 saw the rise in the popularity of biometric authentication, code-based security points and mobile point of sale. Some of the major players in the fintech industry from Asia are making foray into incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning while Blockchain technology remains the favourite buzz word across the globe. Innovative digital […]

DNBC Launches Mobile Top-up Feature for e-banking channel

 DNBC Financial Group introduces the launch of Mobile Top-up feature to the e-banking channel. The post-lockdown still shows a change in habits that a lot of people keep using applications of technology with business case models, especially in terms of digital platforms, online transactions, and automated recharges. Many first-time users consider digital payments for their frequent transactions […]