CD2 Learning enters into a strategic partnership with Easygenerator

Jay Breeden, president of CD2

CD2 Learning (CD2), a leading provider of online learning solutions, and Easygenerator, a leading cloud-based authoring tool, announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing eLearning solutions. The partnership between CD2 and Easygenerator is a result of a shared vision to make eLearning more accessible, user-friendly and effective. By combining CD2’s expertise in eLearning content creation and […]

Edge Tutor International spins off from Edukasyon

Henry Motte-Muñoz, CEO of Edge Tutor

Edge Tutor International, Inc. announces its spin-off from Edukasyon, with Henry Motte-Muñoz serving as its CEO. Edge Tutor International — or simply Edge Tutor — started in early 2022 as one of the product offerings of Edukasyon with the goal of addressing the learning gap experienced by students in the Philippines. Edge Tutor was originally […]

Zenius launch Disney-themed online learning app in Indonesia

Indonesia-based edtech startup Zenius has launched ZeniusLand, an interactive digital playground where students can explore and unlock new knowledge. With a slew of fresh content powered by Disney, ZeniusLand claims to offer an engaging learning experience for the elementary segment, reaching younger students in Indonesia.  Leveraging Zenius’ expertise in educational pedagogy, coupled with the magic […]

Flying Cape: Benefitting Educators and making Learning fun for the students

Over the past 5 years, SouthEast Asian Edtech industries have received over 480 million in venture capital funding. However, in comparison to other markets in SouthEast Asia. The Edtech industry in Singapore is overall represented by a few players that have gone on to the world stage. There is a small share of the spotlight […]

It’s all aBOT empowering the teachers and enhancing the learning experience

The pandemic pushed the boundaries and the opportunities for the Edtech companies across the globe. The developments and the innovations that were slated for a year or two later in the future, were rushed in through the development process and introduced into the market during the Covid-19 pandemic period. Several online education platforms were under […]