Eseye teams up with Thales to accelerate IoT deployments

Eseye Selects Thales to Streamline IoT Deployments With Seamless Connectivity Management

Eseye, a global IoT connectivity solutions provider, has selected Thales to accelerate and simplify worldwide IoT deployment with a seamless connectivity solution. Thales pioneering solution enables Eseye to automatically connect IoT devices with the most appropriate profile the first time they are powered up and in-life. Thales Adaptive Connect (TAC) based on eSIM (embedded SIM) technology that […]

SK Telecom collaborates with Thales on Post-quantum Cryptography

SK Telecom and Thales Collaborate on Post-quantum Cryptography to Enhance Users’ Protection on 5G Network

In the context of 5G networks and the evolution of cryptographic standards, SK Telecom (“SKT”), the largest mobile operator in Korea, and Thales, leader in digital security, partnered to successfully test advanced quantum-resistant cryptography. Based on 5G standalone network and 5G SIM, the solution aims at encrypting and decrypting subscriber identity in a secure way to […]

Trust Bank and Thales announces collaboration

Trust Bank and Thales Launch Singapore’s First Ocean Plastic® Card

Trust launched on 1 September 2022 as Singapore’s first digitally native bank. In September 2023, Trust passed its one-year mark with over 600,000 customers, becoming one of the fastest growing digital banks in the world. With the goal of minimising its impact on the environment, Trust is collaborating with Thales to offer the first Ocean […]

Thales Acquires Imperva Creating Cybersecurity Global Leader

Thales recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Imperva (previously expected to close in early 2024). This is an important milestone.

Thales recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Imperva (previously expected to close in early 2024). This is an important milestone for Thales, creating a global leader in cybersecurity. Thales has more than 5,800 cybersecurity experts in 68 countries and expects cybersecurity revenue to reach 2.4 billion euros in 2024, with double-digit growth expected thereafter. […]

Thales and Intel team up to enhance data security

Thales and Intel Collaborate to Enhance Trust in Confidential Computing

Thales, the leading global technology and security provider, yesterday announced a collaboration leveraging Thales CipherTrust Data Security platform to deliver end-to-end data security using confidential computing and trusted attestation backed by Intel Trust Authority. This collaboration enables customers in highly regulated industries to secure workloads and protect data in use on-premises and in the cloud. A majority of […]

Thales partners with Google Cloud to develop data security

This collaboration will enable the automation of fundamental tasks for customers and help ensure data security

Thales, a global leader in technology and security, announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to develop new data security capabilities powered by generative AI that will improve companies’ ability to discover, classify and protect their most sensitive data. The partnership is part of Thales’ generative AI strategy, bringing new AI-powered features and experiences to […]

L&T Technology Services teams up with Thales to tackle climate change

L&T Technology Services and Thales Sign Joint Commitment to Take Action for a Low-Carbon Future

During the 2023 Paris Air Show, L&T Technology Services Limited, a global leading pure-play engineering services company (LTTS), signed a letter of intent with Thales, a global technology leader in the areas of defense and security, aeronautics and space, and digital identity and security, agreeing to work together to tackle climate change in their respective […]

Thales unveils its latest ELS62 series IoT Connectivity Solution for Smart Devices

Thales recently announced its latest innovative IoT technology that could simplify the firm’s digitalized transformation. For almost two decades, Thales clients including a broader range of industries trust Thales’ IoT Solutions to seamlessly connect and secure their devices. Unveiling of the ELS62 series that fits Thales’ 360° approach offers cost-effective solutions to simplify design, streamline […]

Innovative Fibre-optic Technology to Boost Railway Safety and Performance

FOAS technology will be enriched with data fusion to enhance the ‘listening’ capabilities of optical fibres, of which there are already around 20,000km running alongside Britain’s railways. The implementation of this technology effectively creating a virtual microphone every few metres has the potential to enhance remote condition monitoring of assets and provide valuable data to […]


Supported by the ENCQOR 5G program, the partnership between Thales and One Silicon Chip Photonics (OSCP) aims to test a high-performance optical inertial sensor system on an autonomous train platform. Thales is one of the five global technology leaders of ENCQOR (, providing access for small to medium enterprises to showcase their innovations and 5G […]