TAGO Launches Talk-To-Earn Activities

TAGO, a UK-registered tech startup aims to connect the people who are in need of mental help with the appropriate support within an application. User can now receive consultation from the best available mental advisors with just a click. By applying blockchain technology, Tago helps users have double benefits. They can find the solution for their mental health problems, and earn tokens through the “Talk to Earn” activities.

As per a study conducted by National Institute of Mental Health, in 2019, nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults lived with a mental illness. Estimates were that only half of those afflicted received treatment. Early treatment is very essential for them. Thus, the growing prevalence of the diseases will surge the growth of the global mental health market. Therefore, the need to develop the convenient and low-cost solutions for patients will help increase the market growth.

According to sources, Tago, with a solution that is connecting those who are in need of mental help with an advisor through a mobile app, is leading the market today. The integration of blockchain on Tago app, which is a great revolution, creates a pioneering Web 3 in mental health for the world. It leads to the new way to a mental metaverse, called Tagoverse. With Tagoverse, users can find the right advisor with an affordable price, and earn Tago Tokens. Tago’s token is a utility token, issued to fund Tago Blockchain project and can be kept and used within Tago Community for Tago’s users and mental advisors. It enables community members to use for their spiritual needs, from meeting with mental advisors, joining the EQ courses, exchanging spiritual items, participating in spiritual events, to joining all the other activities in Tago Metaverse (Tagoverse) such as meditation, yoga, temple, church, tarot and horoscope. In addition, Tago token holders can also join in the staking programme to earn more rewards, have the voting rights and premium access.

Some special and interesting activities are only available in Tagoverse to earn Tago Tokens, such as NFT Market Place. Because of the mental health platform, the NFTs on Tago will be in the form of antiques, spiritual items. Users can create or collect these NFTs to exchange, or for their collection, buy and sell.

Users can also earn Tago Tokens through an activity called “Talk to Earn”. Both users and advisors can receive rewards through chatting, consulting with the virtual assistant, TagoSoul. It is the world’s first NFT mental health AI assistant. People can chat with AI TagoSoul to balance their emotions, take care of their spirits, find relaxation, and earn rewards by Tago Tokens through the TALK TO EARN activity.



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