TerraPay Partners With SWMT To Boost MWS In Senegal

Representational Image of Mobile Wallet Services-Image By DCStudio On Freepik

TerraPay, a global international payments network, announces a strategic partnership with Small World Money Transfer (SWMT), a leading provider of global money transfer services for consumers and businesses. With the global payments landscape constantly evolving, this partnership is poised to redefine mobile wallet services in Senegal, permitting Wave Wallet (MWS) account holders to receive remittances directly to their wallets via instant bank transfers from the European Union and the UK using Small World Money Transfer.

Industry sources added that this partnership announcement comes at an important time, when demand for efficient global payments solutions is increasing rapidly. This addresses the surging requirements by introducing a simple yet transformative solution that offers customers more options and greater convenience for sending money.

Industry sources also added that at the heart of this partnership is recognition of the obstacles Senegalese expats encounter when trying to send money back home, leaving customers eager for a more convenient and secure alternative. This partnership solves these challenges, enabling a simple, secure, affordable and instant solution for customers sending money to their loved ones in Senegal.

Stanley Wachs, Small World Money Transfer’s Managing Director for Northern Europe, Africa, and Asia

Stanley Wachs, Small World Money Transfer’s Managing Director for Northern Europe, Africa, and Asia, expresses his excitement about the partnership, “We are delighted to announce that Small World Money Transfer is now available on all major mobile wallet services in Senegal, with the latest addition of the WAVE mobile wallet through TerraPay.”

He adds: “At the core of our mission is the desire to provide customers with the means to send money to friends, family and loved ones in the most cost-effective way possible. And we are working hard to provide our customers with the best possible service in an easy way , fast and secure. With this partnership, our customers will have more convenience and options for sending money to Senegal .”

“We are excited to join forces with Small World Money Transfer,” said Miller Rodriguez, Sales and Strategic Relationship Manager, Europe and UK, at TerraPay. “This partnership is yet another step forward in strengthening our ongoing efforts to simplify international remittances. Together, we can make money transfers more accessible, easier to use, and simpler for the people of Senegal, connecting them to their friends and family across the world. By leveraging the growing popularity of mobile wallets in the region, we are committed to expanding the international payments landscape while promoting financial inclusion.”

Industry sources also added that Small World Money Transfer’s integration into the TerraPay network now permits Senegal customers to make instant and seamless money transfers directly to their Wave Wallet accounts without additional challenges and complexities.