The Leading European Consulting Company announce a partnership to launch From Home to Chrome

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

A pioneering aid to Google Chromebook adoption launches today. Business Change Management specialists, Simplify Change, and Mobinergy, the leading European consulting company for Unified Endpoint and Identity Management, have announced a partnership to launch From Home to Chrome to enterprises who wish to adopt Google Chrome OS. Based on best practices in business change management detailed in the BEE Methodology© it has been designed and developed by Simplify Change’s team of experts in business change, communication, and training in collaboration with Mobinergy, an EMEA specialist helping companies adopting and managing their fleet of Google Chrome OS devices. The launch marks the continuing relationship between the two companies to bring innovative, fun, useful products to market to aid their clients and partners.

Working with various UK and international companies, Simplify Change have leaned on their change management expertise, by developing personalized gamified experiences, across several high impact products, including Microsoft Teams, for their customers to use. Based on the BEE Methodology© (a simplified change methodology for all to follow) these experiences form part of the BEE: Interact arm of the company, which focuses on scalable solutions that engage people to deliver change effectively .Seeing an opportunity in the market to help companies adopt Chromebooks, Simplify Change and Mobinergy have customized a gamified learning experience: From Home to Chrome.

They have created this application that motivates people to learn about Google Chrome OS by solving this problem from a business change viewpoint, rather than a learning and development viewpoint. This unique approach means that people are motivated to learn in a fun, informative way, that meets their needs through bite-sized persona-based learning all the while focusing on what’s in it for individuals, to motivate people to want to learn about this new technology and understand how it will benefit them. Today, business change managers, CIOs, project managers, and people-focused companies globally can benefit from solutions focused on smoothing the adoption journey. Simplify Change and Mobinergy are proud to join this group, encouraging people and companies to focus on change adoption to ensure ROI (return on investment) is delivered for Chromebook migrations and getting the most out of Google Chrome OS.

Managing Director, Nicola Graham, of Simplify Change quoted:
“Following on from our successes last year in gamification and adoption which saw us successfully develop remote strategies for engaging and exciting People in new technologies we’ve developed From Home to Chrome to excite and inform people in a fun way about the benefits and key features of Google Chrome OS.
Now into its second version, we are excited to bring this tried and tested application to market to aid in awareness of Google Chrome OS and showing the world how it can make people’s everyday experience using computers more efficient and straightforward.”

Charles Hirel, CEO of Mobinergy says:
“Chrome OS fast adoption in the Enterprise space requires a new focus on customer experience. Delivering a great IT project isn’t enough, companies choosing to move to Chrome OS must support their team and help them adopting new devices and tools. Home to Chrome was born to ease the adoption of Chrome OS in an easy to deploy, scalable and truly engaging manner.”

Some of the features of From Home to Chrome, include:
– A fun, informative learning experience that covers the core functionality in 45 minutes. Alignment to Google’s key messages about Google Chrome OS.
– Persona-based, bite-sized learning for all to digest.
– Quizes and analytics to both reinforce and provide additional learning support.
– Gamified reward & recognition to create excitement.
– Ongoing updates to changes as Google Chrome OS evolves.
– Straightforward cost-effective deployment for delivery at scale.