The Tornado of Creative Tech from South Asia

Santhiappan Jagadeesh, Founder & CEO of OLEFIN WHITE FILMS

This article is a short interaction with the Olefin White Films Founder and CEO.

 TOY Story, From Proto Car to AI film Making, How did you get to this?

After returning from SCIFIC Independent Hollywood movie. I read an article on sustainable Energy which inspired me to design a Proto car that runs by solar & Wind energy integrated with AI/ML algorithm. On other end, being an Art lover & tech savvy, the Conscious insights made a door way to me and my team to step into the innovations/technology domain of film making craft, This was a first thought. Secondly we are considering integration of Industry 4.0/ AI intellect in the entire film making process, beginning with pre to post production and distribution. Our aim is to Fuse “Art with Technology” by innovative applications of Meta verse of “Film Industry” and few talks in progress to have business affiliates and we began signing MOU with various Start up companies across world also with top Universities like IIT (India), MIT and other research institutes. Being a part of Machine learning & Data science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. I have recently engaged in the final capstone project on IND 4.0 creative Projects.

Over the horizon, What Now?

Olefin White Films, located in Chennai, and setting up their service office in Finland and Indonesia for Olefin Tech. OWF is presently engrossed in their visionary projects feature films and web series like BadBlack, Bugs and Bucks, Clutter to release by the End of 2024. These Inclusive film’s stories were originally written by Santhiappan Jagadeesh. We wanted to use the AI/ML technology. However, the challenges we are facing now are <5 % bugs and building towards more customized software. On other side awaiting an scintillating conclusion from entrepreneurs, Investors, researchers, companies for funding etc. However on other side, OWF is filing their IPR before GTM.

Studio Bottleneck, what are they expecting from Industry 4.0 / AI ?

In my opinion, Digital technological platforms of Film Industry 4.0 will define the business models for the production, Budget, distribution and consumption of audio visual content. The technologies for ensuring the security of the content (both the content and protection against its illegal use), models of financing and ROI, and copyright management, will be based on block chain technologies. As a filmmaker there is a golden spot in me that keeps an eye on the commercial & Creative aspect of the product that evens the study of a studio owner. By this idea, The role of the human being, the creator, and the author of a film’s concept will grow worldwide.

Armstrong Number, what code or algs you done Video Integration as script (content ) ?

OWF are with members of American Society of Editor (ASE) for a cloud-based editing technique. OWF is trying to edit the entire film through AI integrated software engine, and we will be the first Industry 4.0 film makers to do & World’s first ART laboratory. The sceptical part is that machines don’t understand human language but comes with a plot using an algorithmic reasoning called machine reasoning (AI) and ML uses thealgorithm for characters and plot twists. Although a machine can be taught to write music or scripts and visual and hone their meanings, but the human brain is behind this “Machine creativity”. On front end, Customizing and replicating camera movements is even more challenge, which were skillfully guided by Emmy award winner Larry McKee, ASC. Since His passing away was indeed a huge blow to OWF then we have roped in a few active members from American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) with an expectation to get the best from Industry 4.0/5.0 technology.

Two accomplishments Nomination for Olefin white company  

We have been nominated for “The most impactful company” by Business and Achiever’s category for “Outstanding contribution & progress” – this really justifies the convincing work that we have placed. If only we could pass the technological hurdles, Being an OWF through our service charged with our Mission statement “ACT” which is ART, technology to derive human consciousness. However Tech cannot replace the creative process the domination of the technological approach should not downplay the work of the artist, determine the scope for implementing an idea and limit artistic perception. The machine creativity should remain outside the framework of the new cycle of film industry development libraries, and algorithm. Any innovative step faces a risk of reception, but giving up is not an option.

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