ThinkMarkets puts cutting-edge trading platform technology in the forefront to serve its trading community


Nobody can say the financial markets aren’t a rollercoaster. Financial crashes, economic downturns, and a global pandemic, no less, made for quite a ride within the last two decades.

Economic conditions are tough again this year. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought on a full-blown energy crisis, sending inflation to the highest in 40 years. Central banks around the globe responded aggressively. The resulting price swings in forex, stocks, precious metals, oil, gas, and other markets created an ideal backdrop for trading.

Volatility equals trading opportunity, and online brokers, such as ThinkMarkets, all want a slice of the cake.

Online trading has proliferated over the past decade. With the internet connecting people from around the world to free, readily available information and education around trading, it has become a more open avenue to explore for people from all backgrounds. 

But how would an online broker make it in such cut-throat competition? The answer from ThinkMarkets is that it can only be done by observing constantly changing consumer behavior and giving traders what they want.

The shift in online trading  

Some trade the financial markets as a hobby, others as a source of income, but consumers are ever-evolving and the way they want to trade is also constantly shifting.

As many traders seek to benefit from the current high volatility, these favorable conditions will also draw new traders to the industry. A shift in consumer behavior has seen that these new traders will be more discerning when choosing their online broker, and technology is taking center stage.

The safety and reliability that they can get through signing up with an established, well-regulated broker is just a starting point. An intuitive trading platform with rich charting and analytics tools, available from the palm of their hand and across devices, as well as a promptly available customer support team closely follows their list of what they are looking for.

These are the prominent areas for ThinkMarkets, too, where the global online broker has invested heavily as it aims to provide a best-in-class experience for its traders.

For this reason, ThinkMarkets is honored to have won the 2022 awards for the Best Trading Platform and the Best Customer Service Provider, both on a global scale, from World Business Outlook, a Singapore-based magazine for the worldwide business community.

Moulding to the needs 

When everything is instantly accessible on the internet, it’s no surprise that online traders expect the same experience. In this digital age, they want to access global markets anytime, from anywhere, with every option available to them at record speed.

This new generation of traders has pushed the need for instant, online products and applications to the forefront. This creates a challenge for online brokers to respond.

ThinkMarkets has closely monitored online traders and their changing needs since its inception in 2010, investing significant time and resources into developing world-class products that offer superior trading experience for its clients.

ThinkTrader, its custom-built, proprietary trading platform offers unique, one-click trading and ultra-fast execution. It has quickly gained popularity with traders and has gone on to win several awards. 

The ThinkTrader mobile app is loved for its advanced charting system that allows traders to view four different instruments on the same screen, known as quad-screen display, letting them enjoy a professional trading view even on the go. 

In a digital age where we are now designed to be ‘on’ and connected all the time, online traders want to be as close to the financial markets as possible, meaning a trading platform they use, must work smarter for them.

ThinkTrader offers more than 200 cloud-based alerts and triggers to ensure that traders can keep on top of the fast-paced global markets without even being logged in to their accounts. With an alert set, a trader can get a notification if, for instance, the price of an instrument or an indicator reaches a certain level and act on it right there and then.

Within ThinkTrader there’s an intelligent tool called TrendRisk Scanner which constantly browses markets to flag up trading opportunities. It displays the target direction and price, the estimated timeframe, and the risk-reward ratio of each trade it recommends. 

Several other features of ThinkTrader are aimed at making sure traders never miss an opportunity to enter a position.

Live prices appear inside the home screen that traders can click to open a position. The platform also displays important news stories from the last few days and economic insights calendar that lists all the upcoming data releases to help traders get their positions in order before important economic announcements. 

ThinkMarkets launched a web-based version of ThinkTrader in the middle of this year. This means that the intuitive trading features, charting and analytics tools familiar from the mobile app are now accessible on desktops and laptops without the need to install software. Traders can seamlessly transition between devices and keep trading wherever they are.

Going the extra mile  

ThinkMarkets is prized within the online trading community for its client support, and this is what earned the company its second accolade this year from World Business Outlook.

Just like its proprietary trading platform, customer support is also in the focus for continuous investment and technological innovation at ThinkMarkets. The multilingual support staff, knowledgeable in all aspects of trading and the ThinkMarkets offer, is on hand to deal with requests 24 hours a day. Since last year, they are available every day of the week, even on weekends.

Traders can reach the Client Support team by phone, email and LiveChat. As a result of further technical integration, it’s also available right from within the ThinkTrader app and ThinkPortal, the company’s account management platform. 

Next year promises to be another momentous one. In 2023, ThinkMarkets is planning to further broaden the scope of instruments offered on ThinkTrader, enhance the technology, and make continuous improvements to speed and development. We are also aiming to expand our global presence and build on our current markets. As always, technology and customer support will receive prominence with further enhancements coming to the website, ThinkTrader and LiveChat. 


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