Top Tips When Learning The English Language Online During The Pandemic

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As uncertainty looms during the Covid-19 outbreak, society is pushed towards online platforms for education. Most of us will therefore be learning and studying for the comfort of our own home. Although this may appeal to many as winter approaches, causing the temperature to drop. It presents new challenges such as attempting to keep focused during the day to keep your progress on track.

At B&20 British School we have compiled our best tips to help you achieve everything you set out to before the crisis.

Staying Organised

To stay on track we highly recommend using a paper or digital planner. With this helpful tool, you can structure your day accordingly to meet all deadlines and assignments.

Now you know what needs doing, it is time to separate your learning material. Use different folders or colour coding tabs to locate the material you need efficiently. This way it can prevent you from spending too long searching for information when you could be studying.

Every student works differently. Therefore, it is crucial to find a system that works for you, not just your friends!

Stay Connected

Thankfully technology provides us with the tools to communicate easily without being in close contact with each other. Keep in touch with teachers and students regularly to enhance your learning. For example, setting up a group chat with students of the same class provides a no-hassle way to help each other out and progress together.

If you are struggling while studying and need assistance, don’t be afraid to reach out to a teacher. Far too often we see students underperform and it is because they need help. It’s hard to spot while studying online, so it is important to speak up.

Study in Intervals

Your brain can only retain so much information at once. Unless you are taking regular breaks, you will find it extremely difficult to memorise information which will likely lead to you feeling stressed and frustrated.

For every hour you study, it is recommended to take a 15-minute break. Do something you enjoy. For example, listen to music, chat with a friend, have a snack or whatever you want to rest your brain.

Try Using Flash Cards

B&20 British School was nominated for the best English language school in 2020, so we know a thing or two about the best study methods.

Turning your notes into flashcards can help reinforce the information you have learned. With small concise cards of information, you can test yourself easily or get others to help. By repeatedly going through the material you can be assured you are ready for any assignment or test.

Don’t Start Studying With Only A Few Days Left Many students don’t start preparing for their exam or assignment until a couple of days before the deadline. As mentioned previously, you can only consume so much information at once. Make sure to plan ahead so you can study often but in intervals, giving you the best chance to be successful.


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