Trek Freight Services acquired by Becker Logistics


Becker Logistics LLC, a 3PL Company had completed the acquiring process of Trek Freight Services, LLC located in Lincolnwood, IL on December 31st, 2021 last year. Trek Freight firm has been in existence and business for 21 years and Becker Logistics will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this coming May, combining these two entities for a total of 46 years of transportation experience.

According to the industry sources, from Becker Logistics, Trek had added an additional 125 customers, 25,000+ carriers, 35 employees, and their proprietary TMS which will be synergies for Becker Logistics moving forward. Trek offers third-party logistics services across the U.S. These services will now be provided under the Becker Logistics name.

According to Becker Logistics claims, in the past 10 years, they had experienced extraordinary expansion having grossed an overall revenue worth $73Mn in 2020. In 2021 they grew overall, both organically and non-organically by 130% year over year. Their total top-line revenue for 2021 was $167.2 million. They were able to add an additional $94.2 million to their top line and with plans to do the same in 2022.

Pictured left to right: John Andreotti, COO, Trek Freight Services; Jim Becker, CEO, Becker Logistics; Gary Bazelon, CEO, Trek Freight Services (Photo: Business Wire)

With this acquisition, Becker Logistics continues to grow and hold its place as one of the largest third-party logistics providers in the United States. Jim Becker, CEO of Becker Logistics, stated that “Since 2009 when Becker Logistics had top-line revenue of only $3.5 million, to 2021, it has experienced a growth of 48 times. We have excelled at organic growth, culture, strategy, and having a dual approach of not only growing organically, but non-organic growth is part of the game plan for the next eight years. This is our second acquisition with our first being Savage Logistics, LLC in 2017. We now have a total of 160 talented employees with plans of adding an additional 100 more by the end of the year. We have a BHAG to hit $1.8 billion in top-line revenue by or before 2030. Along this journey, we can service our customers more by merging with other entities that have a wealth of knowledge, education, and awareness in the industry already.”

John Andreotti, former COO and principle of Trek Freight said, “Looking back, we knew we had to grow our company, but with the resources we had, our age and stage in life, we knew it was going to take far too long. We wanted to merge with a company that would not only keep our employees but would offer an opportunity to catapult their careers. They needed more opportunities to grow. We have a great team and we didn’t want to lose any of them. We needed to merge with a company that had a vision and a larger engine in place to accelerate that growth. I’ve seen the overall vision and it’s going to provide for everyone that wants to grow individually and as a team. The merger has created a bigger and stronger team. There are so many more resources available to everyone which will aide them to reaching their personal goals and servicing their customers better than ever was possible before.”



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