Trevelino/Keller announces partnership with Silent Eight

Martin Markiewicz - CEO, Co-Founder - SILENT EIGHT.

Trevelino/Keller, a nationally ranked growth PR and marketing firm, recently announces its partnership with Silent Eight, which offers an advanced AI and machine learning platform to identify and prevent financial crime. Trevelino/Keller will support Silent Eight with a comprehensive growth marketing approach that encompasses lead generation, sales enablement, content strategy and development, and executive visibility.

Silent Eight is a Singapore-based company with global operations that supports financial institutions and insurance and payment partners. Silent Eight’s Iris platform uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data, assign risk scores, and generate alerts when potential suspicious activity is detected. The platform also includes tools for managing investigations and continuously learning from new data. Balancing AI technology with human expertise, Silent Eight stops bad actors from accessing the financial system and offers intelligence solutions for compliance challenges.

“Silent Eight was founded to shift perspectives and use innovative technologies to help stop crime within the global financial system,” says Matthew Leaney, CRO, Silent Eight. “We have great partners using our technology today but see enormous potential for our Iris platform to become the industry standard. We are excited to work with Trevelino/Keller to drive continued growth.”

Silent Eight’s AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates into its partners’ compliance workflow to consistently reduce both cost and risk. Iris covers sanctions, Adverse News, PePs and transaction monitoring for more effective investigations and decisioning.

Dean Trevelino, principal at Trevelino/Keller

“Silent Eight possesses the attributes to be a true disruptor in the RegTech industry,” notes Dean Trevelino, principal at Trevelino/Keller. “They have a strong mission, with the tools and technology to emerge as a category leader. We look forward to supporting them with robust digital strategies that will amplify the brand and foster their sales goals.”



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