Trilliant Expands in the Asia-Pacific Region and Launch Manufacturing in Malaysia

Trilliant, one of the leading international provider of solutions for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart grid, smart cities and IOT, is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to the Asia-Pacific region with the announcement of the start of its manufacturing in Malaysia. Additionally, the company has reached a major smart meter deployment milestone in Asia Pacific, with more than 3.5 million smart meters currently deployed and operational, with millions more planned.

Trilliant Chairman and CEO Andrew C. White Image:Source

“We’re delighted that the manufacturing efforts are now underway in Malaysia,” said Trilliant Chairman and CEO Andrew C. White. “The plant will be an important hub for the APAC region and improve time of delivery to our valued customers. Our production process will be led by dedicated, experienced engineers that adhere to the highest levels of quality control and compliance. Trilliant is proud these products will say ‘Made in Malaysia,’ and we look forward to supporting the creation of additional high-tech jobs and enhancing local expertise.”

The manufacturing team will be focused on the Trilliant Communications Module (TCM) and the Trilliant Street Light Controller. Not only will local production reduce delivery cycles, but it will also result in CO2e reductions in manufacturing and shipping processes as Trilliant delivers products to local customers among others across the region. Approximately 119 tons of CO2e will be reduced over the course of the next three years in Malaysia alone.

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Footprint in the region continues to grow In addition to the new manufacturing activities, Trilliant has reached a milestone with smart meter deployments in India and Malaysia, a result of the company’s continued commitment to the region, extensive industry expertise and its proven solutions. Customers benefit from Trilliant’s flexible systems that work with any application and are open for ease of integration with a broad range of devices and applications. Its recent expansion into Thailand will result in Trilliant technology being deployed, helping utilities provide more reliable access to electricity to their customers.

The company plans to deploy an additional seven million meters in the Asia-Pacific region through local partnerships over the next three years.Trilliant continues to build upon its innovation and growth strategy to serve customers in Asia Pacific, as well as globally.



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