TruTrace Technologies Signs Global Partnership with Laava to Focus on Blockchain-Secured Product Verification

TruTrace Technologies developer of a fully-integrated blockchain platform for the legal cannabis, food, and pharmaceutical industries, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Australian technology company Laava to collaboratively drive product provenance and traceability.

Upon our introduction to TruTrace we could clearly see that we shared the belief that producers and brand owners deserve to protect the quality of their products, and that consumers should always get what they pay for,” stated Gavin Ger, Joint-CEO and Commercial Director of Laava. “We believe that together we will find ways to improve the traceability and authenticity within the product supply chain in order to help meet these goals.”

In collaboration with Australia’s leading scientific research institution CSIRO, Laava is the developer of the patented Laava Smart Fingerprint, the Global Mark of Trust and since 2019 has deployed more than five million of these Smart Fingerprints around the world on products ranging from cherries to wine, PPE, documents and NFTs. Understanding that items and products are far more scannable in today’s world, while at the same time seeing an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities in the traditional QR code, Laava was determined to create a better way forward. Since their inception, Laava has launched several projects focused on imports into China and Southeast Asia which incorporated both anti-counterfeit and authentication, as well as consumer engagement measures. Beyond this region, Laava is also working on several projects across the EU, the USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Israel.

The agreement provides that both parties will pursue opportunities to promote the individual products, services and offerings of the other to appropriate customers, partners and other commercial contacts. Additionally working together to ensure the success of all technologies deployed in the partnership while marketing the combined services to clients around the world.

“Over the past several months we have seen significant stress within the global supply chain and with these significant delays and challenges it has become imperative more now than ever to ensure that products are safe and consistent,” says Robert Galarza, CEO of TruTrace. “Our strategic partnership helps fill many of the gaps by combining the best features of our software platform with patented, next generation, optical Fingerprint technology which serves as ‘on package’ authentication to provide a unique customer experience driven by blockchain, traceability and testing.”