TurbineOne raises USD 15Mln in series-A funding round

TurbineOne Raises $15M in Series-A Funding Round
TurbineOne Raises $15M in Series-A Funding Round

TurbineOne Inc., a leader in government Machine Learning (ML) that is simple-to-use and edge-first, announced yesterday it raised $15 million in its Series-A funding round. The round is led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from previous investors The General Partnership and XYZ Ventures. Pallas Ventures, a national security focused investment firm, also joined this round.

The venture funding will be used to accelerate its rapidly growing business in national security markets as the Defense Department adopts ML solutions to sort through the fog and friction of the modern battlefield. While today’s warfighters are overwhelmed with processing data from diverse hardware and sensors, TurbineOne’s Frontline Perception System (FPS) cuts through the noise to quickly unlock data insights by automating threat recognition and cueing alerts for decision-makers using cutting-edge ML. The software refines raw data feeds through user-friendly software that warfighters can operate themselves, including in battlefield conditions where connectivity, bandwidth, and access to the cloud is hazardous and limited.

“With the backing from a visionary and audacious team of investors, TurbineOne will continue its mission to provide American service members with decision advantage,” said TurbineOne Co-Founder and CEO Ian Kalin. “The innovators at TurbineOne have deep experience serving our nation and we are proud to deliver a toolset that accelerates mission achievement and reduces operational risks.”

“TurbineOne exhibits all the qualities of a category-defining company with mission-driven founders,” said Janelle Teng, Vice President at Bessemer Venture Partners. “Their rapid traction in government sales is best-in-class, and the championship they’ve won from the most demanding national security organizations is unparalleled.”


“I strongly believe that TurbineOne’s work is critical in helping the DoD improve mission success and service member safety, which is why I’ve been proud to work with Ian and Matt since the very beginning,” said Dan Portillo, co-founder of The General Partnership and co-founder of TurbineOne. “The product they’re building is already helping the U.S. government better serve its citizens.”

On the Frontline of Perception

Since TurbineOne’s founding in 2022, the Frontline Perception System (FPS) has successfully operated on U.S. military autonomous systems and in tactical operations centers where analysts are overwhelmed by sensor feeds from non-interoperable hardware systems. Applying ML solutions to quickly process and exploit the flood of data ensures the operators do not miss critical intelligence elements of information.

Earlier this month, non-technical U.S. Navy sailors fixed under-performing ML models onboard autonomous surface craft to conduct more accurate reconnaissance of threatening ships. Separately, within an Army military exercise, intel analysts retrained computer vision ML models from small drones to conduct surveillance on adversary positions and high-value ground assets. And in another case, a Special Operations Force unit leveraged the FPS to quickly process numerous sensor feeds, automate enemy threat recognition, and cue insights that would have previously taken many days to produce.

TurbineOne designs its software to seamlessly work with a wide range of other systems such as those from large defense contractors and ML-focused developers. Additionally, it is data-agnostic, processing and integrating data from every human-understandable source, making it highly adaptable and efficient in all operating environments.


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