Ubie launches AI-Powered Symptom Checker In US

Ubie, Inc., a healthcare AI startup with the mission “To develop a healthcare guide for everyone,” has launched in the United States an “AI-powered symptom checker that allows users to enter symptoms and discover related diseases.

Ubie, founded in Japan in 2017 by a physician and an engineer, is now based in Tokyo and Singapore. The company has seen rapid growth, ranked #1 in the 2021 “LinkedIn Top Startups.” (*) Ubie’s first product offering, the “AI-powered patient intake,” is a service that streamlines the medical interview process for medical institutions. This service is based on a database of approximately 50,000 medical papers from around the world, compiled by more than 50 active physicians. The service, introduced at over 700 medical institutions worldwide, continues to improve the operational efficiency of medical institutions.

Ubie’s second offering “AI-powered symptom checker” uses the same database as the AI-powered patient intake service and evolves daily to reflect clinical diagnosis data from physicians worldwide.

Ubie is offering the U.S. version as a new service with customized AI algorithms for questions related to symptoms and disease names, taking regional characteristics such as disease trends into account. 

Since the company was founded, Ubie has set its sights on overseas expansion and established an office in Singapore in 2020. Now, Ubie has decided to provide a U.S. version of the service after the encouraging results from medical institutions and users in both Japan and Singapore.