Ultivue enters multiple partnerships for advanced mIF and AI in translational science

Ultivue, Inc., an industry leader in multiplexing assays and analytics solutions for tissue biomarker studies, recently announced multiple collaborations for AI-powered spatial phenomics solutions for translational research groups and Biopharma.

Ultivue develops unique workflows for use in both multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) imaging and spatial phenomics. Its proprietary InSituPlex® technology is designed for fast and comprehensive exploration of biologically relevant targets, up to 12-plex, with same slide-H&E analysis in precious tissue samples. It combines the power of computational pathology & spatial biology to guide translational science in immuno-oncology.

Spatial Phenomics at Ultivue (Image Credits: Ultivue)

Image and data analysis of rich spatial information from mIF images can accelerate tissue biomarker discovery and validation. Different capabilities are needed depending on the scientific question under investigation, the size of cohorts and the stage of the biomarker development program. Ultivue is complementing its own Image Data Services with capabilities provided by trusted partners to offer end-to-end support for customers. Flexible image analysis solutions as provided by Visiopharm and Indica Labs can effectively be used to provide rich readouts from bespoke mIF assays developed to address a scientific question. These solutions can be used at Ultivue, by the customer or at OracleBio – in GCP-compliant workflows. Co-marketing agreements with Aignostics, Keen Eye, and Nucleai, enable Ultivue to offer AI solutions that optimally complement mIF assays for the efficient analysis of larger cohorts. Hands-on time per image and consistency of readouts can be significantly improved and results can be reviewed in web-based viewers – a viewer optimized for mIF and same-slide H&E has been co-developed with Aignostics. Ultivue is also collaborating with Paige to bring AI-based analytics into clinical workflows and with Zegami leveraging AI to interactively explore image and analysis data from large cohorts for quality control and scientific interpretation.

All these agreements enable Ultivue to present a cohesive workflow to biopharma customers that combines the power of mIF and AI development ensuring a seamless integration of assay coupled to analysis. As noted by Florian Leiss, VP Digital Health Strategies, “Leveraging the full potential of mIF and AI for translational science and in clinical trials will require different capabilities at different stages. We are excited to work with trusted partners to complement mIF assays with image and data analysis across the entire spectrum of tissue biomarker development. We jointly accelerate the journey for our biopharma customers and enable them to focus on the science in a way no single player could alone.”



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