Vection Technologies grants patents across US and EUROPE

Gianmarco Biagi Managing Director of Vection Technologies

Vection Technologies, the INTEGRATEDXR® company, announces several patents granted across the US and Europe related to its INTEGRATEDXR® technology stack.

The United States Patent Office (USPTO) has issued patent number 11,398,082 entitled “Affine transformations of 3D elements in a virtual environment using a 6DOF input device”. The patent is directed to a method that allow the user of a 3D graphics software to execute an affine transformation using a virtual reality (VR) input device, in less steps and with a higher precision, reliability and flexibility compared to prior schemes.

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) has also issued patent number 102020000020347 entitled “Method and related tools for customizing the re-playing of video sequences in a virtual world.” The patent covers a method for structured recording in VR, capable of synthesising digital video to be viewed across any 3D viewing device and edited through suitable software.

The UIBM has also issued patent number 102019000007452 entitled “Software application for the control and management of three-dimensional models and related operating procedure.” The patent relates to an application for uploading and modifying 3D models within a VR environment.

In addition, the UIBM has issued utility model number 202022000004782 entitled “Equipment for managing the admission and/or exit procedure, through personal data registration in hotels, hospitals, ports, airports, and public services in general.” The patent covers a modular shell that includes technology to detect and process personal data and holographic touchless systems capable of allowing man-machine integration without physical contact.

“Since we embarked on the evolutionary journey from real-time VR and AR software to fully INTEGRATEDXR®, we have been working on strengthening our intellectual property position and underscore our commitment to help businesses bridge the physical and digital worlds,” said Gianmarco Biagi, Managing Director of Vection Technologies. “The official recognition of our patent portfolio is a first step aimed at protecting our leading position globally”.


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