Ways to Increase Viewers On Linked In

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

If you are on LinkedIn, you’ll notice that some key opinion leaders are dominating the platform with their content. They are getting thousands of reactions and engagements on their posts, allowing them to reach more users beyond their existing connections thereby getting them even more likes and comments.

Did they post something revolutionary? Well, no. If you take that exact content and post it on your personal account, I can guarantee that the number of reactions and engagements you get will differ drastically. Heck, you might not even get any reactions.

The fact is that it doesn’t really matter what they post on LinkedIn. These successful individuals are like business celebrities in their respective industry. People idolise and view them as thought leaders. Their experiences and achievements put them in a position where their advice or content would be seen as some sort of divine revelation. Regardless of the quality of their content, they would naturally get a lot of likes and comments.

Unfortunately, this means that if you don’t already have a huge following and you’re trying to create content for your audience, I’m going to tell you right now that it is going to be an uphill battle. Because no one is going to care.

Before you scrutinise each content format, know that the message of your content matters. If you publish trashy content, I can say for sure that none of these methods will work for you. These formats should be seen as ways to package your content and not as a replacement for actually creating quality content.

Video is by far one of the most effective formats to engage your audience. Video marketing research shows that globally, people who watch online video spend an average of 6 hours, 45 minutes per week watching various types of content.

LinkedIn documents work because content in this format usually come bite-sized. They are easier to digest and a whole lot more attention-grabbing than a bunch of words.