Zenius launch Disney-themed online learning app in Indonesia

Indonesia-based edtech startup Zenius has launched ZeniusLand, an interactive digital playground where students can explore and unlock new knowledge. With a slew of fresh content powered by Disney, ZeniusLand claims to offer an engaging learning experience for the elementary segment, reaching younger students in Indonesia. 

Leveraging Zenius’ expertise in educational pedagogy, coupled with the magic of Disney’s unparalleled storytelling, the ZeniusLand app focuses on developing students’ fundamental and critical thinking skills, enabling them to understand concepts and materials through contextual learning. The app’s materials tap on an element of play to build self-motivation and support children as they learn at their own pace. 

Originally introduced with a soft launch in September 2021, the ZeniusLand app has now augmented its content library with Disney and Pixar stories and activities featuring Elsa, Moana, Dory, WALL-E, the Incredibles, and more. Zenius hopes that these fan-favorite characters will help inculcate a love of learning in children, as they construct meaning and learn through play. Interactive materials including guided videos, exercise, and game-based activities will encourage children to explore fun mission-based quests and practice what they have learned.

(left-right, clockwise) Zenius Co-Founder & Head of Academic Wisnu Subekti, Zenius CEO Rohan Monga, Puteri Indonesia 2004 Artika Sari Devi and Dayana Zoe Ibrahim, and Gika, one of the ZeniusLand original’s Tiga Sekawan characters – all presented during the ZeniusLand Press Conference

Zenius CEO Rohan Monga said, “We are excited to officially launch ZeniusLand, a platform that will offer fun learning experiences for elementary school students in Indonesia. At Zenius, we believe that learning needs to be fun and we are proud of our unique pedagogical approach. We hope that working together with Disney will strengthen our core values, which are Smart, Enlightened, and Fun. Zenius seeks to improve Indonesia’s education in a fun way.” 

“With digital platforms and apps becoming most students’ first port of call for knowledge acquisition, Disney hopes to enhance their e-learning experience. By extending our storytelling to meet young learners where they are – online,” said Veronica Cabalinan, Executive Director of Publishing at The Walt Disney Company, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa. “Disney’s timeless stories continue to resonate in Indonesia today, and we’re thrilled to bring entertainment, delight and a little magic to students as they take the first steps on their learning journeys.” 

Besides Disney characters, students may also freely embark on their knowledge adventures with Zenius’ original characters: Tiga Sekawan (Three Friends) will act as students’ study buddies, guiding them throughout the learning process. The Tiga Sekawan each represent one of the key values which Zenius recommends for children to explore at an early stage of their development – Gika represents logical skills, Maji stands for imagination, and Aksara champions literacy.

In addition, ZeniusLand also enables parents to look at their children’s learning materials, purchase learning packages, review report cards and check on learning progress, as well as receive learning recommendations. 

“As an education platform, Zenius always seeks to foster students’ intrinsic motivation, striving to deliver content in new ways so as to spark a love of learning. By offering Disney-themed content and activities on our app, we hope children feel inspired to become active learners and critical thinkers,” Rohan added. 

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