5th Edition Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum to happen on 5 to 6 March 2024 at Germany


As the wind energy sector continues to lower down the cost of operations and maintenance, digitalization and data analytics plays a vital role to achieve further cost reductions & increase revenue.  This conference aims to bring the wind industry together to discuss the market opportunity of digital wind farm, digital innovation and technological challenges for the industry, including how machine learning, digital twin and predictive analytics can enable monitoring and prediction failures to help drastically improve availability, reliability of the wind farm assets & increase revenue and reduce O&M costs.

The objective of the Windpower Data and Digital Innovation Forum is to facilitate the convergence of industry leaders and experts, fostering the exchange of valuable insights across the domains of Digital Innovation, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. This event serves as an unparalleled interdisciplinary stage, uniting researchers, scientists, and visionaries to showcase and deliberate upon cutting-edge innovations, emerging trends, advanced technologies, and real-world applications. Furthermore, it provides a platform for addressing practical challenges, exploring solutions, and delving into the realms of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Join us to discuss and brainstorm on how digitalisation is sharpening the wind industry and shaping the industrial innovations of tomorrow, how to build effective strategies for a data-driven maintenance, understand how predictive maintenance can improve wind energy asset efficiency, explore how to leverage digital innovation to optimise performance, examine how to use data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimise O&M & asset management processes and learn how to harness the power of wind data analytics to uncover performance losses, reduce maintenance and increase productivity.

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