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Stay safe! Does an online meeting become a normal part of your everyday routine? Is it to the point that you sometimes feel like you spend more time communicating with friends and colleagues digitally rather than in person? Do you have a “work from anywhere job” and rely heavily on videoconferencing? If so, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people have transitioned to remote work and communicate predominantly via online meeting vs face to face. However, there are some questions about this, such as the issue of online safety.

In this article, we’re going to help you with “how to do online meetings safely” by giving you 7 handy tips that will make online meetings safe. They will help not only you but for your fellow participants, too. Check out our recommendations below!

  1. Invite the right number of participants. Make sure you invite no more than 9 people. This makes it easier to hold confidential information within a small circle of people.
  2. Reach an agreement on the meeting software. Some online meeting software may cause privacy concerns. Make sure you’re all on board a safe service before setting a meeting date.
  3. Keep meeting invites private. Share the link to your online meeting only with its participants. Email the link directly using a calendar application or via a secure messaging app.
  4. Lock the meeting room. This is an extra level of caution that will help prevent any intrusive third party from accessing your meeting.
  5. Do not use screen sharing. This is very important to avoid exposing your personal data. Keep your screen sharing option off unless you need to share things briefly.
  6. Do not use Personal Meeting IDs (PMI). It’s not wise to use a PMID every time you have an online meeting. Use a solution that protects your privacy.
  7. Make sure no recording is going on unless agreed upon. All meeting participants should decide on whether they would like to be recorded or not. You must clarify this matter beforehand, to ensure that there are no disappointments.


Having an online meeting is now more commonplace than ever before, and, as you saw from reading our tips, it’s not something that should scare you. If you follow proper online safety protocols and stay mindful about what kind of information you share, then you’ll be able to go with your online meetings, worry-free. We put a handy HowTo ” How to start an extra secure video meeting with eyeson” in our help center.


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