Gideon unveils Casey-Solution for autonomous box picking and Process Optimization

Gideon, the robotics and AI solutions company, recently unveiled Casey, the autonomous solution for order picking and process optimization.

Casey, the complete case picking solution from Gideon

The firm added that the latest solution aids the firms to address severe labor shortages and increasing e-commerce demand by automating and streamlining manual box picking. The rise of e-commerce, due to its higher labor intensity and client expectations, is a clear signal that new automation solutions are key to sustained growth. Recent projections — Statista data, for an illustration, suggest e-commerce will grow 50% to $7.4 trillion globally by 2025 — add to the urgency.

Additionally, Industry sources added that Casey is an all-in-one box picking solution that combines Gideon’s super-flexible autonomous mobile robots powered by AI and vision and optimization software. It brings humans and robots into an intelligent partnership that surges throughput and productivity by eliminating inefficient workflows, costly infrastructure, and scalability bottlenecks. This eradicates product and equipment damage costs and reduces labor costs by up to 40%

Josip Ćesić, CTO and co-founder of Gideon

“We are proud to announce the new addition to our product family,” stated Josip Ćesić, CTO and co-founder of Gideon. Traditional box picking is a purely manual process associated with high costs, low security, and limited scalability. We offer a new way to solve an old problem: enabling humans and robots to work closely together and through optimized collaboration to create more value.”

The Casey solution from Gideon claims that it delivers value by creating a measurable impact on multiple levels. It curbs the budget and increases throughput and productivity by streamlining robot and human workflows, tumbling the number of trips between aisles, and improving picking rates and accuracy. The system provides real-time operational visibility and helps avoid unplanned production downtime. Finally, it’s easy to deploy and scale with minimal impact on existing infrastructure and workflows.

The Casey solution includes the company’s autonomous mobile robots with a payload of 1000 kg, powered by Gideon’s own autonomy stack and equipped with a simple order picking application. The solution also includes software that optimizes human and robotic workflows for maximum productivity and enables rapid integration with warehouse management systems and smart devices.



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