GWM EU headquarters to be set up in Munich and Berlin in 2022


The functions of the European headquarters will cover R&D, sales and management, among which R&D will focus on complete vehicle integration, vehicle component development, development and integration of electronic power system platforms, smart driving and Internet of Vehicles.  The GWM Munich team will continue to expand and is expected to total nearly 300 members by early 2022.

The set-up of the European headquarters will enhance cooperation between GWM and its suppliers, in addition to investment in the upstream and downstream supply chains. Svolt Energy Technology, a subsidiary of GWM, has officially selected Saarland, Germany, to build two battery plants with a total investment of €2 billion, including a cell module plant and a module PACK plant. Nobo Auto also has roof panel production bases in Überherrn and Bremen.

GWM affirmed on building an ecosystem of lifestyles for European customers, offering not only premium products but also a complete life-in-auto experience, including charging services, maintenance and repair services, smart cockpit active services, used car replacement services and more.

GWM insists on establishing co-creation communities with a user orientation. Through the WEY & ORA APP platform, users can interact and interconnect with GWM brands and products, and participate in the product development process.

GWM Brand Experience Centres, scheduled to open in Munich and Berlin in 2022, are the communication centerpiece between GWM and customers. Smart models WEY Coffee 01 and ORA Cat have been presented at IAA 2021 Munich, with pre-sales commencing soon and the first deliveries will be made in the first half of 2022.

“The European market is the focus of GWM’s development strategy, and we will invest in the most advanced green and smart automobiles in Europe, and will also establish localised R&D centres and production bases here.” Qiao Xianghua, CEO of GWM Europe, said, “GWM wants to become a smart technology company, with global competitiveness.”

The establishment of the European headquarters and the German subsidiary is an important milestone on the road of globalization for GWM. GWM hopes to stimulate more customer demand with smart products of technology, making the automobile a third living space with emotion, intelligence and convenience.