Hithium inks agreement with FlexGen

Hithium inks agreement with FlexGen

Hithium, a stationary battery manufacturer, has signed its first business collaboration agreement with FlexGen. Both companies agreed on purchasing targets for the next three years. North Carolina-based FlexGen will support the procurement of 10GWh battery capacity from Hithium through project efforts or indirectly through partners leveraging its energy management system (EMS), HybridOS software and controls. The purpose is At the same time, Hithium has committed to the goal of securing FlexGen’s EMS directly or through partners for projects with a total capacity of 15GWh.

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As part of the agreement, FlexGen will also become an authorized service provider for Hithium in the U.S., accelerating service to asset owners and improving asset uptime. The companies describe ensuring that energy storage assets are always available for their owners as a key shared value.

Mizhi Zhang, Head of Global Operations at Hithium, said: “We are excited about the opportunity to work more closely with the team at FlexGen and benefit from their expertise in the U.S. energy storage market. This will add significant value to our offering.”

said Jan Brandt, Chief Commercial Officer of FlexGen. “FlexGen and our partners share a vision of flexible, high-performance battery storage assets. Delivering great value to our customers.”


FlexGen designs multi-megawatt energy storage systems integrated with its proprietary energy management system, HybridOS, and provides procurement, testing and commissioning management, as well as monitoring and maintenance services.

Hithium manufactures high-efficiency battery products, from cells such as the 314Ah with an 11,000 cycle life to energy storage systems such as the newly released 5MWh∞ block. Headquartered in Xiamen, China, with operations in the United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Europe, Hithium has shipped 11GWh capacity since its founding in 2019.



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