OSARO enters into a partnership with FANUC America

OSARO and FANUC America Collaborate to Enhance Capabilities of Robotic Warehouse Automation Solutions
OSARO and FANUC America Collaborate to Enhance Capabilities of Robotic Warehouse Automation Solutions

OSARO®, a global leader in machine-learning-enabled robotics for e-commerce, is partnering with FANUC America, the leading supplier of CNCs, robotics and ROBOMACHINEs, to expand the capabilities of FANUC’s robotic automation solutions optimized for warehousing and e-commerce fulfillment. The two companies will collaborate on go-to-market strategies, commencing with the installation of an advanced piece-picking demonstration robot at FANUC’s Innovation Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

E-commerce growth is driving sweeping change across the retail and logistics sectors, and a growing number of organizations are looking to deploy automated robotic pick-and-place solutions to meet these challenges. The technical and commercial partnership between the two companies teams FANUC’s proven line of pick-and-place robots with OSARO SightWorks™ vision software, which enables robots to see, perceive, grasp, and perform tasks previously done only by humans in the e-commerce fulfillment process — and to apply machine-learning technology to identify and successfully pick new objects.

OSARO and FANUC America

“Our AI-driven SightWorks vision software and associated technologies provide the foundation for all of our warehouse solutions, and is available to strategic partners, including FANUC’s ASI network of robot integrators, to build the custom applications and control technologies required to identify, pick, and place any object,” said OSARO CEO Derik Pridmore. “By collaborating on engineering and business development, FANUC and OSARO will be able to deliver the industry’s most advanced robotic automation solutions across the e-commerce fulfillment center — from incoming inventory depalletizing to outbound kitting and bagging. We look forward to expanding the market in collaboration with FANUC’s experienced team.”

“E-commerce growth is driving the increased adoption of robotics and automation,” said James Cooper, general manager of FANUC’s Authorized System Integrators, Certified Education and Regional Offices. “Our collaboration with OSARO enables us to showcase the latest automation technologies for fulfillment operations. We look forward to working together with OSARO and our ASIs to help customers in the warehousing sector achieve their production goals.”

Several FANUC authorized system integrators have joined OSARO’s partner program, which offers one-stop access for businesses looking to deploy robotic solutions in their fulfillment operations. The OSARO Partners Alliance provides a mechanism for AMR and ASRS vendors, integrators, distributors, third-party logistics companies, and consultants to collaborate and co-market unified solutions. The program is designed to optimize every stage of a customer’s purchasing and deployment processes through collaboration with the partners.


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