Rochester Electronics announces collaboration with Intelligent Memory

Rochester Electronics and Intelligent Memory Ensure the Availability of Legacy Storage Solution
Rochester Electronics and Intelligent Memory Ensure the Availability of Legacy Storage Solution

Rochester Electronics, LLC and Intelligent Memory have joined forces to ensure the continued availability of mature and legacy DRAM and NAND storage solutions tailored for industrial and embedded applications.

Intelligent Memory has been the trusted provider of reliable and high-quality memory products for over three decades, serving and fulfilling the enduring, shifting needs of industrial applications. In a landscape where leading-edge memory manufacturers no longer focus on supporting legacy memories, customers with end-of-life microprocessors still require low-density storage solutions. Intelligent Memory is one of the few memory manufacturers that offers DRAM components as well as DRAM modules ranging from SDRAM to DDR5 in addition to its customizable NAND flash memory portfolio, making IM’s portfolio one of the most comprehensive offerings in the market from one single source.

Rochester Electronics is the world’s largest continuous source of semiconductors, offering 100% authorized, traceable, certified, and guaranteed devices. Rochester is focused on extending the availability of obsolete lifecycle products, along with providing support for active lifecycle products.

Rochester Electronics and Intelligent Memory

Rochester Electronics supports mature densities with a stock of core microprocessor components. Rochester stocks an extensive portfolio of processors, including continued production of numerous legacy and end-of-life processors through licensing, die banks, and die product replications. Customers are now able to purchase a range of Intelligent Memory devices, including DRAM, non-volatile NAND/SLC NAND, and low-density eMMC products, through Rochester. The partnership between Rochester and Intelligent Memory supports mutually valued customers across the globe.

Paul Mason, Global Technology Director (Memory), Rochester Electronics, “For over forty years, Rochester has been providing support for legacy and mature semiconductor technologies. Intelligent Memory’s diverse range of mature and legacy DRAM and NAND offerings perfectly align with our strategic vision, enabling seamless continuity and longevity in Memory technology for our valued global customers.”

David Raquet, Global Vice President Sales and Marketing, Intelligent Memory, said “With our portfolio of reliable legacy memory solutions tailored specifically to the needs of industrial customers, we help Rochester address the needs of many of its customers without costly and time-consuming re-designs and qualifications.”


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