Tandem PV designates Saritha Peruri as VP of commercialization

Saritha Peruri, Vice President of Commercialization, Tandem PV

Tandem PV, a pioneering force in perovskite solar technology, yesterday announced the appointment of Saritha Peruri as Vice President of Commercialization to help the company take its innovations from the lab to the marketplace. Peruri joins Tandem PV from Elemental Excelerator, a nonprofit climate tech investor. As head of corporate partnerships, she helped startups cultivate […]

Aramco & Rondo Energy partner on gigawatt-scale thermal storage

Aramco and Rondo Energy Agree on GW-scale Thermal Storage Deployment, Hydrogen and Carbon Capture.

Aramco, one of the world’s leading global energy and chemicals company, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rondo Energy, the leading provider of lower-carbon industrial heat and power. The companies have started engineering studies for the first industrial-scale deployment of Rondo Heat Batteries that would contribute to the reduction of emissions from Aramco […]

Rochester Electronics announces collaboration with Intelligent Memory

Rochester Electronics and Intelligent Memory Ensure the Availability of Legacy Storage Solution

Rochester Electronics, LLC and Intelligent Memory have joined forces to ensure the continued availability of mature and legacy DRAM and NAND storage solutions tailored for industrial and embedded applications. Intelligent Memory has been the trusted provider of reliable and high-quality memory products for over three decades, serving and fulfilling the enduring, shifting needs of industrial […]

Safer Access to Electricity with Increasing Electrification: What is Next on Horizon for ASEAN Countries

__________________________________________________________________________________ Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN is a diverse group including Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Several of these countries are fast-growing economies with their immense potential heavily dependent on manufacturing and trade. To keep growing as economic powerhouse, balance urbanization and consumer growth in […]

Implementing Fire Resistant Electrical Infrastructure for Residential Safety

In our pursuit of progress, one aspect that often goes unnoticed is the increasing threat posed by residential fires. These devastating incidents not only claim lives but also result in substantial property damage. Unfortunately, electrical mishaps stand out as a significant contributor to residential fires. The potential for electrical short circuits, overloads, and other anomalies […]