Sealy & Company contributes USD 20,000 to the Fort Myers Collaboratory

Sarah Owen, President and CEO of Collaboratory

Sealy & Company, a fully-integrated commercial real estate investment and operating company, is proud to announce a contribution of $20,125 to the Fort Myers Collaboratory as a result of a special initiative called “Source Deals, Serve Others” and involving brokers from JLL.

The donation was made on behalf of Brad Berzins, SIOR – Managing Director for JLL and John Dunphy, CCIM, SIOR – Senior Managing Director for JLL. “Source Deals, Serve Others” creates a way for Sealy & Company’s cooperating brokers to make a meaningful difference for causes they embrace. When a broker brings a qualified off-market deal to Sealy & Company and it is closed, Sealy delivers a preidentified contribution amount to the charity or cause of the broker’s choice, preferably to market in which the property was acquired.

“We are incredibly appreciative of the very generous donation by Sealy & Company and JLL,” said Sarah Owen, President and CEO of Collaboratory. “Companies and leadership like this will help us continue to support relief and recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ian. Sealy & Company and JLL clearly exemplify an inherent responsibility to drive sustainability, technology, and corporate social responsibility efforts.”

Berzins and Dunphy brought the Westgate Industrial Park deal in Fort Myers, Fla., to John Nida, Sealy & Company’s Investment Services Southeast Regional Director. After successfully closing the transaction, Berzins and Dunphy selected Collaboratory as their charity of choice. Collaboratory continues to take a lead role in regional philanthropic support with an immediate focus on relief and recovery in the wake of Hurricane Ian. The massive scope of the recovery and resilience planning has created opportunities for innovative solutions to the issues facing residents in Lee County and throughout the region. Through philanthropic investments, such as the Source Deals, Serve Others donation, Collaboratory can utilize the flexible capital to seize emergent opportunities beyond those addressed with public funding.

John Nida, Investment Services Southeast Regional Director for Sealy & Company

“It is truly my honor to partner with Brad and John to support the Collaboratory and the rebuilding of a better, stronger Fort Myers and surrounding areas,” said John Nida, Investment Services Southeast Regional Director for Sealy & Company. “In 2022, Sealy & Company acquired properties in Lakeland and Fort Myers, heralding our re-entry into Florida’s industrial real estate market. We look forward to bringing our institutional quality management and operations, coupled with our community-driven approach to key Florida markets as we continue to seek opportunities in Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa, and Orlando. I am proud to be a part of Sealy & Company, which is living up to its commitment to making a positive impact.”

Added Berzins: “Working with Sealy & Company and John Nida on this transaction was a true pleasure. The deal was a ‘win-win’ for both the buyer and seller. The charitable contribution is an added benefit and shows the commitment of both Sealy and JLL to Southwest Florida and all communities they serve.”