Skyline Wealth Management appoints Sean Conti as CEO

Jadon Newman, Founder and CEO of Noble Capital

Skyline Wealth Management, a leading wealth management firm based in Austin, Texas, announces the appointment of Sean Conti as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Conti brings over 27 years of experience in the industry serving as a wealth manager, corporate trainer, and as an active participant in mergers and acquisitions.

Since its founding in 2010, Skyline Wealth Management has helped nearly 200 Central Texas families retire with confidence and fulfillment. The firm focuses on preserving wealth and establishing predictable cash flows for founders, business owners, as well as accredited investors with family wealth ranging from $5-50 million. In addition to these services, Skyline has partnered with Noble Capital to address the Founder’s Dilemma which is determining whether to sell, maintain or grow their business – “sell, snail or scale” as they call it – through strategic succession planning.

Conti’s appointment as CEO reflects Skyline’s commitment to finding a leader whose vision aligns with its parent company’s strategic goals. His plans include establishing a strong presence in Central Texas and expanding operations statewide through mergers and acquisitions. These strategic partnerships will create a comprehensive full-service family office offering for founders, business owners, and high-net-worth families. Skyline’s portfolio will encompass other wealth managers, registered investment advisors, financial planning firms, and tax firms.

Immediately upon his appointment, Conti announced that Skyline Wealth Management will become Noble Capital’s preferred distribution platform. Noble Capital, an Austin, Texas-based private equity firm specializes in alternative investments offering a range of investment opportunities including private equity, private lending, and real estate. This collaboration marks the launch of Noble’s wholesale distribution strategy enabling RIA’s across the state to access Noble’s products, benefiting business owners whose wealth resides within their businesses.

Jadon Newman, Founder and CEO of Noble Capital and Chairman of the Board of the Family Offices vertical, expresses enthusiasm about the appointment, emphasizing the importance of a succession plan for business owners. Conti highlights Skyline’s comprehensive succession planning services, drawing from his personal experience with the Founder’s Dilemma. Together, they aim to support Skyline’s growth both organically through new clients and in addition through curated mergers and acquisitions.


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