VERO announces acquisition of Tokenise Stock Exchange International Ltd.,

Ayman Hariri, co-founder and CEO of VERO

VERO, the ad-free social network with over 6.5 million registered members, announced its acquisition of the Tokenise Stock Exchange International Ltd, the world’s first regulated stock exchange for tokenised securities. Founded in 2018, Tokenise has developed technology and obtained licenses for fractionalized ownership of various asset classes within a regulated trading environment.

This acquisition will enable VERO to offer its members true equity ownership in its network, creating opportunities for members to participate in the platform’s success.

“VERO is a haven for creators where they can unlock the power of their communities and share work that reflects their artistry,” said Ayman Hariri, co-founder and CEO of VERO. “Acquiring the Tokenise Stock Exchange is a further step towards bringing our vision of a next-generation social membership network to life. This marks the beginning of a transformative new chapter for VERO and social networking as a whole.”

The combination of the Tokenise Stock Exchange and VERO’s platform will enable creators to offer their fans new and exciting opportunities to co-own projects and businesses with creators across the globe.

“It’s the Tokenise Group’s mission to enable more people to have ownership of alternative assets that have not previously been available on the market to trade,” said Mike Kessler, CEO of Tokenise. “We’re excited to support VERO’s vibrant community and open up new financial opportunities for creators and fans on the network. Our strategic partnership has the opportunity to fuel a new era of community financing.”

Mike Kessler, CEO of Tokenise

In tandem with the acquisition, VERO has revealed an ambitious new product roadmap with features such as premium profiles, offering creators the opportunity to implement channel subscriptions. The roadmap also includes a digital asset marketplace and social wallets. Product features, such as the “Creator Listings,” utilize Tokenise technology to enable creators to raise funds for projects and offer fans new experiences associated with co-ownership. These new channel features and monetisation tools will ultimately give fans the chance to support their creators more directly.

VERO remains at the forefront of member-centric social, leading the charge in cultivating authentic community experiences that prioritize creativity, networking and discovery. VERO is committed to building for better social, supporting members seeking a space that wholeheartedly supports a fair value exchange. The acquisition of the Tokenise Stock Exchange forms a crucial component of this vision.


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